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So sorry I’ve been so remiss on updating the blog. But the reason is a good one! We’re super busy preparing for the I Got Fired reading! So here are some quick hit updates:

  • We successfully (!) funded the reading on Kickstarter. Almost everybody will get paid!

  • We’ve hired an amazing Musical Director, Casting Director & Stage Manager! Our team is slowly growing with incredibly talented (and awesome) folks. Very excited to announce them when we get closer.

  • The reading is set for Friday afternoon November 7th. We'll be doing it in a band rehearsal studio so we have a "backline." Ie: we can use the full band with good mics and a soundsystem.

  • I’m frantically working on the arrangements. This means learning how to notate drums… wow. That’s a skill I never expected to learn. Its super fun though and I’ve had the tremendous guidance of our superstar Musical Supervisor Jason Debord.

  • Liz and I met with I Got Fired’s lawyer to begin all the legal stuff it takes to put on a musical. I won’t bore you with the details, but um… it’s a lot. Raising money for a commercial production is a pretty fascinating process with many layers of options, regulations and rules. Now we have to come up with a name for our production company LLC!

  • I’m working on the final touches to the I Got Fired poster (which we will be signing and giving as rewards to some of our Kickstarter donors.

  • Next up is the casting process! We’ll be starting finding amazing folks to play all these wacky characters in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

That’s it for now!

Thanks for reading,


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